I love storytelling, ever since I was a young girl I was making up stories and playing fun character roles. After the School of performing arts I started travelling the globe and made theater shows about unexpected hero's and crazy challenges. I learned that communication is the key to success. I would be honored to communicate the story that connects the people that matter to you.
Feel free to ask, so we can create something truly worthwhile.

My motto is, it has to be real, from the heart. So if you don't believe what I say, you'll keep on getting retakes 'till you do! This goes for TV and Radio commercials, Promo's, App's, Explainers, Corporate narration, IVR, Medical narration, Telephone messaging, E learning, Character Voice Acting..

Happy Clients


februari 9, 2021

New Age/Down 2 Earth Voice-over

How would you describe this tone? Ironical? New Age meets Dutch Normal? A few months ago I received an invitation to audition for 6 commercials for […]
mei 7, 2019

Silence Force

As a busy mom of twin boys and a hairy dog I always seem to be cleaning in between jobs. The amount of hair our Golden […]


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